What is the average processing time for orders?

Orders are formulated Monday to Friday. On Fridays your customer orders are branded with your designs and dispatched with shipping carriers over the weekend. Across the US orders arrive three days later, across Canada it's four days later, across the UK it's ten days later, and anywhere else can be up to three weeks.

What is the returns process?

We want you to absolutely love your cosmetics! If an item is defective or incomplete, please contact us; we'll arrange a replacement of that item for the customer. We'll provide replacements on damages that happened during formulation, but not for products that were damaged through neglect or everyday use. For example, if the staff from our supplier made a mistake fulfilling an order with an incorrect lipstick shade a replacement delivery will be arranged to get the customer the correct product color. However, if a customer orders a formula such as a light-pink lipstick and decides in a month that they'd rather have ordered a purple shade a free replacement will not be shipped to the customer.


Are the HD camera-ready foundations oil-free?

Confirmed: Oil-free attributes are present along with natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan features.

Is this HD Liquid Foundation suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! As long as you use a primer best suited for your skin this HD Liquid Foundation will work amazingly. Ensure to choose a primer that is specifically tailored to your complexion for optimal results with the HD Liquid Foundation.

What are holographic glosses?

Our Hydrating Holographic Lip Gloss has tiny specs of shimmer that gives a dimensional look!
this question on the Galactic Gloss page. Learn more about the benefits of our Hydrating Holographic Lip Gloss and how it can enhance your beauty routine.

What's the difference between gloss and holographics?

Our Galactic Gloss has more of a sheer coverage with shimmer while our Lip Gloss is more pigmented and has a solid base! Provide a comparison chart detailing the key differences between Galactic Gloss and Lip Gloss in terms of coverage, shimmer, pigmentation, and base composition.

How often should I re-apply the makeup remover?

Each time you need to remove your makeup, the makeup remover will not damage your skin. Our makeup remover is specially formulated to gently remove makeup without damaging your skin.

What's the difference between a makeup remover vs toners?

You should use a makeup remover first then toner, makeup remover will clean the skin only and toner will clean and also close your pours while PH balancing your skin. You should always use a toner after you clean your skin even though the toner does clean your skin. To maximize the effectiveness of your skincare routine, follow the merchant's advice to use a makeup remover before applying toner.

What's special about the anti-aging night cream products?

While you sleep your skin is repairing itself from the day prior. A night cream is a necessary product in your skincare regime as your skin absorbs more of its nitrates at night, making your night cream the most important step in your skincare regime. Night creams are essential for your nighttime skincare routine, as your skin is more receptive to nutrients while you sleep.

How should I use the foundation primers?

All skin types can use this product, even oily and sensitive skin as our unique formula does not clog pores and prevents breakouts. Illustrate how the product caters to a wide range of skin types, including oily and sensitive skin, by highlighting the unique formula that prevents breakouts and does not clog pores.

How do I combine primers with a foundation?

Our HD Canvas Primer will not only prolong your makeup but will also help to smooth out unwanted skin texture for a flawless finish. Discover the transformative effects of our HD Canvas Primer, proven to extend the longevity of your makeup while simultaneously refining skin texture for a flawless appearance.

Are there swatches for the foundations?

Yes, it is available inside of the app.

What's the difference between the day and night creams?

The main differences between the day and night creams are in their formulations, intended uses, and benefits. Day Cream is an oil-free formula with vitamins A, C, and E, focusing on protection against environmental stressors and prevention of aging signs. Night Cream is rich in nourishing plant extracts and emphasizes ingredients that work intensively overnight to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Day Cream is lightweight and non-greasy, suitable for daytime and under makeup use, while Night Cream is enriched with heavier moisturizing ingredients like Grapeseed oil and Shea Butter, making it more suitable for in-depth hydration through the night.

The descriptions provided for both the day and night creams highlight several key differences in their formulations, intended uses, and benefits. Day Cream focuses on instant relief from dryness, skin health, protection against environmental stressors, and prevention of aging signs like dark spots and wrinkles. Night Cream emphasizes overnight repair with ingredients that boost collagen production, firmness, and elasticity, aiming for a rejuvenated appearance by morning. Both products share several anti-aging ingredients like the Multi-Peptide Complex, CoQ10, Resveratrol, and botanical extracts aimed at reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin’s firmness.


Do delivery times vary for shipments outside of the contiguous United States?

Yes, delivery estimates for the U.S. vary for destinations outside of the contiguous states, including U.S. territories like Alaska and Hawaii, which may take longer due to transportation routes that can include sea travel. APO/FPO military addresses and Canadian remote addresses also have longer delivery transit times due to limited transportation links.

What are the average delivery times to the United States?

  • USPS First Class Mail: 2-6 days
  • USPS Priority Mail: 2-4 days
  • USPS Priority Mail Express: 3 days
  • USPS Media Mail: 2-9 days (contiguous U.S.)

What are the international delivery times?

  • Ascendia International Tracked: 4-21 days
  • USPS First Class International: 8-22 days
  • USPS Priority Mail International: 7-12 days
  • USPS Priority Mail Express International: 6 days

Which countries does Joceyica ship to internationally?

We do offered international shipping to numerous countries including United Stated, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Are there different postal operators for each destination country?

Yes, each destination country has its own national postal operator, such as Australia Post for Australia, Royal Mail for Great Britain, Deutsche Post for Germany, and many others.

What about customs for international shipments?

Shipments may be subject to customs inspections and fees. Requirements such as HS codes, CN22 forms, and prepayment of duties (DDP) can vary by destination and shipment type. Our shipping courier fulfills all of your orders with customs paperwork on your behalf.

How can I track my international shipment?

Shipments can be tracked on the tracking portal or using the carrier tracking number. Asendia, our international partner carrier, provides a secondary tracking number for use on the destination country's postal operator's tracking page.

Can international shipments be returned?

Return services are only available for our USPS International postage options due to the complex nature of international returns.

Do all countries accept DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) shipments?

DDP options are available for certain countries, allowing duties to be prepaid. However, limitations exist for deliveries to PO box addresses with DDP postage. For these, the DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid) option is required.

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